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Nearly 50 young musicians are hard at work creating DANZIGOLOGY, the ultimate Danzig cover album. This groundbreaking 12″ album will feature 20 DANZIMAGICAL tracks and a DANZIGORGEOUS tip-on gatefold jacket illustrated by Jon Hunt….DANZICRAZINESS!! But maybe you don’t like Danzig songs.  Maybe you don’t like freedom either…or bacon…or rainbows…and maybe...
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Growing up in Worcester, England, Jed didn’t have too many choices in life, not with a name like Jed. Born and then branded with that name, Jed’s course was set–join a street gang, stand up for yourself, fight for the things you want and never back down. You live up...
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6 Year Old Breaks The Law

When Henry Graham isn’t out on the playground playing jacks or going down slides, he’s busy breaking the law! FACT: It is illegal to cage a crow. FACT: Felony violations of the Migratory Bird Law Treaty can have fines up to $2,000 and up to two years in jail. A...
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Band Practice Gone Wrong!

Fire, destruction and a complete disregard for safety–this is how the OMF crew rolls.   Behind every O’Keefe Music Foundation video is a story about a child working to the best of their ability, persevering and deciding to choose music over the millions of other distractions in their lives. The...
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Willa: Drummer Extraordinaire

1. I live on a farm and sell eggs to make money 2. I have an epileptic pony named Rosie. That may sound very interesting, but it’s actually quite traumatizing to watch a pony have an epileptic fit when you’re only 5 years old. It’s also very messy. 3. My...
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Brady Miracle Donates Album Proceeds

Brady Miracle, the world’s greatest chime player, is donating all of the proceeds of his triple platinum album to the O’Keefe Music Foundation.  We simply can’t thank him enough for this historic act of philanthropy.  Be sure to check out “Chimes and Chicks”, the latest masterpiece from Brady Miracle and...
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Schoney Family Donates Two Pump Organs

A Tale of Two Pump Organs It was the best of times, it was the worst of times–children in the mid 1800′s didn’t have tablets, smart phones, tv, dental care or penicillin…but they did have Pump Organs!!!  It’s true, millions of pump organs were sold at that time and became...
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Kids Resort to Desperate Measures

Millions of views, thousands of comments, but as this video shows, the kids have resorted to desperate measures. Please donate now!