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Jon Hunt Creates Epic OMF Poster!

Inspired by the kids’ version of Raining Blood by Slayer, Jon Hunt designed this exceptional poster.  We simply can’t thank him enough!

Students Recording at Lattitude South in Nashville

The kids of OMF had an incredible time recording at Lattitude South Studio in Nashville.  This trip was made possible by the generosity of Michael Lattanzi and Warm Audio.  We simply can’t thank them enough for making this possible.

Live Show at The Blue Note Bistro

The kids of OMF had a wonderful time performing at The Blue Note Bistro in Miamisburg, Ohio.  Julie Delph and David Ziemba, the owners of The Blue Note Bistro, were kind enough to to host the kids’ latest recital where they debuted some Danzig covers and “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael....
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Kids Cover “Raining Blood” by Slayer!

After nearly a decade of searching for talented young musicians who could do this song justice, OMF finally got the opportunity to record “Raining Blood” at Refraze Recording in Dayton.  This project represents what OMF hopes to do more of in the future–bring musical prodigies from around the world to create one...
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Ok, the kids were going to record an album of Coldplay songs because sometimes you need to sell out. Everyone does it. And maybe we’ve lost too many subscribers due to all these metal covers. But Sunny went into a rage and screamed, So over 100 talented young musicians are hard at...
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“BATTLE RECORD” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary: A record where bands record the same song and battle to create the best version, a musical Thunderdome so to speak, where there are no rules, just a savage display of musical combat–unrelenting, deadly and on 2 sides of vinyl.   Thanks to...
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Alan Marks Designs OMF Vinyl Record

OMF can’t thank Alan Marks enough for designing the jacket artwork for the kids’ first 45 record.  Side A is “Vincent Black Lightning” and side B is “The Worst”. Alan Marks: You can see more of Alan’s incredible artwork on his website.    

Willa: Drummer Extraordinaire

1. I live on a farm and sell eggs to make money 2. I have an epileptic pony named Rosie. That may sound very interesting, but it’s actually quite traumatizing to watch a pony have an epileptic fit when you’re only 5 years old. It’s also very messy. 3. My...
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