A Nonprofit Charity Organization

Who is eligible for this program?

Any child ages 5 to 18 can get involved. Please use our online application which is located on the main menu.

Do you donate instruments to children?

We typically do not donate instruments. Instead we lend out high quality instruments to children which are then used in their musical performances. After the project is finished the children return them and the instruments are then lent to another child for the next project. Occasionally, manufacturers will send the Foundation t-shirts, guitar picks, strings, drum sticks and other merchandise. These items are donated to the children involved in the projects.

Where do you record?

OMF typically records in Cincinnati, Nashville or Chicago. We also have a network of volunteers in Paris, Geneva, Lisbon and Budapest for talented young musicians located in Europe.

What kind of music do you record?

Everything! Any genre of music is fair game for our next project. However, students are encouraged to choose songs that are unique and haven’t been covered before.

Do you sell these recordings?

Occasionally, the foundation will acquire the rights to sell a cover song. All proceeds from the sales go towards future recording sessions. But in general, we do not sell the children’s recordings. All recordings created by the foundation can be downloaded for free here:

Is my donation to the O'Keefe Music Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, contributions to the O’Keefe Music Foundation are tax deductible. The foundation has also been qualified by the IRS to receive tax deductible bequests, transfers and gifts.

Can I donate an instrument or recording equipment to the program?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

How is my donation used?

100 % of your donation goes towards producing videos and recordings. The O’Keefe Music Foundation runs a tight ship. We do not have offices or employees. The team of professionals who work with the children do so for free or at greatly reduced rates. We also do our best to record in studios or concert halls for free.

Are the projects completely free for the kids?

Yes, through donations the Foundation will cover all expenses required to record, mix, master and videotape the kids’ projects. If OMF doesn’t receive enough donations then the young musicians will pay a nominal fee per project, usually $50 to $150. Unfortunately, we cannot cover any expenses the children may incur traveling to the recording location or any lodging costs.

Do you offer summer camps?

Sorry but we do not offer summer camps.

How can I get my child involved?

At this point in time, the foundation is still raising funds in order to record and film more talented young musicians from around the U.S. Meanwhile, you can submit an online application which is located on the main menu.

Can I submit tracks digitally?

Yes, we have several projects where students from around the world will record their parts and then send the files via Google Drive or Dropbox. Please send the files as .wav files and 48khz/24bits. Students then send a photo of themselves playing their instrument and we have artist create an animated video. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_505lcpYP0

Can I post the video on my own youtube channel or social media platform?

No. To maximize views there can only be one version of the video online and that will appear on the official OMF facebook page and/or YouTube channel. You are welcome to embed the OMF YouTube video into your website or share the OMF Facebook video.

Are there any copyright restrictions with the OMF photos?

OMF students are welcome to use the photos from your recording session however you like. For example, Eli Dykstra’s album cover features a photo from his OMF recording session. We just ask that you credit the photographer whenever you use a photo.