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Warm Audio Comes To The Rescue!

We are excited to announce that Warm Audio is the latest OMF sponsor!  They lent the kids several incredible pieces of recording equipment: two Tone Beast Mic Preamps, a WA76 Discrete Compressor and a EQP -WA Tube Equalizer.  A day after receiving the gear, the kids were able to use this incredible signal chain on three Danzig covers,”Come To Silver”, “Can’t Speak” and “Black Candy”.

For years, OMF has been using entry level microphones and preamps.  Thanks to supporters like Warm Audio, OMF can help showcase the kids’ hard work using only the best of the best equipment.

Warm Audio is also helping the OMF kids to record in a top notch studio in Nashville.  We simply can’t thank this company enough for their generosity.  More exciting news on the way!


Warm Audio Gear