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Nearly 50 young musicians are hard at work creating DANZIGOLOGY, the ultimate Danzig cover album. This groundbreaking 12″ album will feature 20 DANZIMAGICAL tracks and a DANZIGORGEOUS tip-on gatefold jacket illustrated by Jon Hunt….DANZICRAZINESS!! But maybe you don’t like Danzig songs.  Maybe you don’t like freedom either…or bacon…or rainbows…and maybe you won’t buy the record to help support OMF.

We would rather keep the unsold records and build a giant throne out of them than let a single copy get into the hands of someone who doesn’t appreciate the genius of Glenn Danzig.” -Justin, 15 year old guitarist and Danzigite.

The kids are diggin’ deep into the Danzig catalog:

  • Come to Silver
  • Let It Be Captured
  • Anything
  • Her Black Wings
  • Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
  • Black Candy
  • Bound by Bound
  • Can’t Speak
  • Until You Call On The Dark
  • Ashes
  • Soul on Fire
  • Long Way Back From Hell
  • Dirty Black Summer
  • See All You All Were
  • Deeper
  • Lilin
  • It’s Coming Down
  • 777
  • My Darkness
  • Mother (spoken word death metal version)

danzig letter

5 Year Old’s Letter to Danzig

This one-of-a-kind Danzig record will have the following specs:

  • 12″ vinyl record
  • random color vinyl…each one will be unique
  • tip-on gatefold jacket
  • 4 panels of custom artwork by Jon Hunt featuring 14 of the musicians’ portraits
  • full color labels
  • shrink wrapped

Release Date: March 2017