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Growing up in Worcester, England, Jed didn’t have too many choices in life, not with a name like Jed. Born and then branded with that name, Jed’s course was set–join a street gang, stand up for yourself, fight for the things you want and never back down. You live up to that name. Because in Tolladine the word “Jed” is just another way of saying “danger”. 

On the other side of the pond we have his competition, Anna, a sweet girl from a small farming community in Ohio. With straw blond hair and a penchant for long walks in the corn field, Anna has never met a man of Jed’s metal.

Both of these world class singers will face each other on the OMF battleground and record “The Pot” by Tool…one song….2 bands…Tolly versus Yank….a battle record where there can be only one!

But vinyl records don’t grow on trees–not in Ohio and certainly not in Tolladine where there are no trees, just cold, hard cement.

That is where the OMF community comes in….donate and bring these 2 combatants together so they can create a BATTLE RECORD that bridges the Atlantic. The limited edition record that emerges from the battlefield will feature 2 versions of “The Pot”, side A with Anna and side B with Jed.

The winner?

Only you decide!