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Students Record Classic 80’s Songs

A roller rink + VHS camcorders + lots of hair spray + bangles + scrunchies + about 1000 hours of practicing an instrument = OMF Skate Jam 1989      

Billboard Magazine Features OMF Song

OMF is extremely grateful to Billboard for recognizing the extraordinary talents of these young musicians.  Check out the article here. Thanks to Loudwire.com, Billboard.com and countless other music websites from around the world, the kids’...
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Logan: Hello Kitty Drummer

1. I am waaay into supercars, my favorite car is a Bugatti Vision. 2. My favorite color is neon orange. 3. I have a black lab dog named Boo Boo. 4. I like to play...
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Pantera Posts OMF Cover of “I’m Broken”

Pantera shared OMF’s cover of “I’m Broken” and it cracked half a million views on Facebook in just a few weeks! Watch Hunter Hallberg, Kaden Karns, Nate Tharp, Alex Sutherland and Jonas Miller completely and utterly DESTROY...
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21 Million Views and counting!

Six years later the students’ cover of “46 & 2” by Tool has cracked 21 MILLION views!!! A big shout out to the students who spent nearly a year practicing the song: Curtis Moss/ Drums...
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