London Artist Designs First OMF Record

Based out of London, England, Dan specializes in sci-fi and fantasy art, storyboarding, and concept work.  He is the first artist to donate his time and energy to designing a record jacket for the kids. To...
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Jon Hunt Creates Epic OMF Poster!

Inspired by the kids’ version of Raining Blood by Slayer, Jon Hunt designed this exceptional poster.  We simply can’t thank him enough!

OMF Led Zeppelin Covers on Vinyl!

A big thanks goes out to Aj Yorio for designing the kids’ latest 7″ record.  His design firm, Lightning Horse Industries, handled the artwork for the record.  This 7″ record features the kids’ two Led Zeppelin...
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Live Show at The Blue Note Bistro

The kids of OMF had a wonderful time performing at The Blue Note Bistro in Miamisburg, Ohio.  Julie Delph and David Ziemba, the owners of The Blue Note Bistro, were kind enough to to host...
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