Kids Cover “Raining Blood” by Slayer!

After nearly a decade of searching for talented young musicians who could do this song justice, OMF finally got the opportunity to record “Raining Blood” at Refraze Recording in Dayton.  This project represents what OMF hopes to...
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Ok, the kids were going to record an album of Taylor Swift songs because sometimes you need to sell out. Everyone does it. And maybe we’ve lost too many subscribers due to all these metal...
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Kids Press Vinyl Record of Tool Covers

“BATTLE RECORD” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary: A record where bands record the same song and battle to create the best version, a musical Thunderdome so to speak, where there are no rules, just a...
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OMF Sticker!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to AJ Yorio, the creative director of Lightning Horse Industries in Cincinnati, OH, for designing the first OMF sticker!!  They also designed the new OMF logo. You can...
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Postcard Insanity!

Here are just a few of the postcards OMF donors can expect to receive in the mail.

Natasha Aldred Designs First OMF Poster!

Natasha Aldred, an illustrator from the UK, generously donated her talents to OMF and created this fantastic poster. Please check out Natasha’s website to see more from this unique artist.