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OMF helped me to find my voice and to gain the confidence


The O’Keefe Music Foundation was instrumental (pun intended) in my growth as an artist. I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunities and sense of belonging I was presented with while being a part of their program. OMF helped me to find my voice and to gain the confidence to put not only my art, but

Celeste Blandon
Student / Ohio

Part of such an amazing community


I worked with OMF a few years ago on a video and song and everyone a part of the organization made me feel like I was a part of such an amazing community. It’s a collection of so many talented and vibrant people with big visions.

Erin Coburn
Student / Kentucky

OMF is an awesome experience!


OMF is an awesome experience! I met other cool musicians, and got to experience what recording and producing a music video is like. Since doing projects with OMF, I’ve gotten recognized as that drummer from the OMF videos!

Nate Tharp
Student / Colorado

Meeting musicians from all over the U.S.

Thank you OMF for giving me the opportunity to come record a song and see what it’s like to record and make a video. I could not have gone anywhere else and get this kind of experience and have this much fun. It was also nice meeting musicians from all over the U.S. I hope

Nick Peacock
Student / North Carolina

Helped set up the groundwork for the rest of my life


Discovering the O’Keefe Music Foundation helped set up the groundwork for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t be in Nashville right now if if wasn’t for OMF!

Eli Dykstra
Student / Iowa

Gain a passion for music that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

AJ Allen OMF testimonial

Through OMF I’ve had the ability to meet amazing people, participate in highly professional music performances and recordings and gain a passion for music that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

AJ Allen
Student / Ohio

Unique opportunities


As an 18 year old undergraduate music student from Ohio, I’m very grateful for the unique opportunities that OMF provided to me while developing my passion for and skill in music. My piano instruction through OMF was great and obviously necessary for me to become a better musician, but the work that OMF does with the

Mackenzie Click
Student / Ohio

Connect with other musicians and make awesome music!


The OMF program has been an amazing experience to connect with other musicians and make awesome music!

Tyler Halverson
Student / Iowa

Unlike anything else

The OMF program has been super influential in my progression as a musician as it has allowed me to meet many other people my age who are as passionate about music as I am. The opportunities this program has presented to me and the growth it has stoked in me as a musician is unlike

Brian McConnell
Student / Age 16 / Ohio

Have fun and make friends!

OMF provides opportunities to be creative, have fun and make friends!

Claire Chamberlain
Student / Ohio

Incredibly grateful


Participating in OMF gave me opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had as a kid growing up in a small town- like singing in a professional recording studio and starring in a music video with thousands of views! During the experience, the team always made sure I felt comfortable and cheered me on. I’m incredibly

Riley Finkle
Student / Pennsylvania

Great opportunities and experiences


I really enjoyed working with all the amazing young musicians from all over the USA.  I  think it’s great that OMF gives such great opportunities and experiences to young musicians. The whole experience is possible because of all of the awesome volunteers and supporters.

Hunter Hallberg
Student / Colorado

I will always remember the experiences with O’Keefe Music Foundation


I feel honored to have played with such amazing musicians the last couple of years. OMF has provided so much opportunity for me and my love of music. As I look to take the next steps as a musician and as an artist, I will always remember the experiences with O’Keefe Music Foundation and the

Ethan Olzak
Student / Michigan

Build my self-confidence


OMF offers kids of all ages opportunities that no other music program can.  As a student I started off my music career nervous and apprehensive.  The OMF team were able to build my self-confidence and help me showcase my talents along the way.  For anyone interested in joining OMF, I would highly encourage you to

Anna Seuberling
Student / Ohio

Connect with tons of new musicians


OMF has helped me connect with tons of new musicians from all over that love the same music I do and given me new opportunities to play music.

Jacob Wehn
Student / Pennsylvania


The day with the O’Keefe Music Foundation was awesome!  Where else can a 12 year old guitar player from Tennessee get to meet and jam with kids from so many different states?  Getting to be a part of the video productions and performing with the band has taught me a lot. I hope to have

Ashton Hall
Student / Tennessee

The O’Keefe Music Foundation helped me find myself


The O’Keefe Music Foundation helped me find myself. When I was 13 I was anxious and insecure, and had played the guitar for a bit as a hobby. But then, OMF gave me a glimpse of what a real working musician does and I was absolutely hooked. 7 years later, I have recorded in professional

Jacob Boldman
Student / Ohio

An incredibly positive impact on my talents


OMF, my music teachers, and all the OMF musicians have had an incredibly positive impact on my talents as a drummer and entertainer.  To think that there’s 100’s of other young musicians that can also get the opportunity to be a Rockstar is beyond awesome.  All of my current success in bands I have joined

Curtis Moss
Student / Ohio

We all share the same dream


There are so many amazing people surrounding OMF, musicians, parents, volunteers. All of these people were brought together through music, and the relationships you build are so unique and fulfilling. My absolute favorite part of OMF is being around extremely talented musicians who are my age and younger and there is an instant bond that

Kaden Karns
Student / Iowa

Professional-level music experience


The O’Keefe Foundation is a great way to introduce kids to a professional-level music experience. It gets young musicians playing with other young musicians which after all, is the most important aspect of music.

Joseph Mintz
Student / California