A platform to prosper

OMF is a top notch environment for young musicians to play/perform and meet other like minded kids. I see my son is making friends instantaneously and bonding over playing/ music/gear. The staff’s dedication to having a platform for these kids to prosper is awesome and we look forward to every session with OMF.

Noel Dannemiller
Parent / Ohio

Unlike anything else

The OMF program has been super influential in my progression as a musician as it has allowed me to meet many other people my age who are as passionate about music as I am. The opportunities this program has presented to me and the growth it has stoked in me as a musician is unlike anything else I have ever done.

Brian McConnell
Student / Age 16 / Ohio

In the clouds

To the OMF crew, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say it enough. I know you are accustomed to all of this, but I still can’t wrap my head around all of this!  My son and I are so giddy!  From his video being seen over 110k times in one day, to WEBN playing it on the radio yesterday, to Pantera sharing it on their facebook, to Billboard and many others singing the praises of these kids….I’m just in disbelief lol 🙂  You have a gift and do an amazing job with these kids, bringing out their best! Our heads are definitely in the clouds right now!

Amanda Shedden
Parent / Ohio

WOW!! doesn’t begin to describe

WOW!! doesn’t begin to describe the emotional rush and awesomeness of the video. Kaleb is excited and extremely pleased with the results. And as his parents, we couldn’t be prouder of him and all those kids! It truly was an honor to be part of this OMF project. We look forward to future opportunities with the O’Keefe Music Foundation. Thank you for all your hard work and all you do on behalf of young musicians!

Kristi Mace
Parent / Nebraska

The literal time of his life

Just wanted to reach out and thank OMF for having Michael be a part of this super rad thing you do! Today went beyond my expectations and he had the literal time of his life. He is already wanting to practice more songs and is ready for the next one! Seriously, thank you so very much.

Brandi Smiley
Parent / Kentucky

Truly one-of-a-kind

We are fortunate to live in what is described as the “live music capital of the world” and although there are many great musical opportunities in the area, OMF is truly one-of-a-kind.  Where else can a kid get matched up with high level talent to do studio recording and professional video circulated to an established subscriber base at no cost?  The experience of working with OMF was fantastic and the camaraderie with the other great kids will fuel my daughter’s enthusiasm for music for a long time to come.

Mike Metz
Parent / Texas

Foster his love for music

My brother-in-law sent us a link to an OMF video a few years ago since he knew Sam enjoyed playing guitar. I don’t think he ever dreamed that Sam would make it into any videos. We’re so glad that we sent in a video of Sam blasting “Carry On Wayward Son” at his 5th grade talent show. We live in a small town about an hour west of St. Louis. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for young musicians in our area to showcase their talents. Young athletes get to play in front of a crowd every week, but young musicians seldom get the chance to. The O’Keefe Music Foundation gives these kids the opportunity to work with other talented musicians from all over the country. Together, they get to do what they love while being supported by a fantastic organization that creates amazing videos that all parties can be proud of. The experience has certainly helped Sam make friends, gain confidence, and foster his love for music. We are so thankful for OMF!

Jason Ruether
Parent / Missouri

Has loved every minute of it

Our daughter started humming before she could talk. She was born with music in her blood and loves singing all genres of music. She was asked to do her first OMF project a year and a half ago and has loved every minute of it since then! She gets to do videos with kids from all over the United States. The friends she has made and mentors she has had, are incredible, unlike anything else. She is living her best life, at the young age of 9, doing what she loves. We are blessed to be part of such a great program that allows kids to shine and do what they love, musically. We love to see the talent, camaraderie, and happiness in all of these kids, while working together during OMF projects. Keep up the great work OMF and thank you for doing so much for our daughter and all the other kids.

Monique Campbell
Parent / Ohio

An experience unlike any other

When my family got involved with the O’Keefe Music Foundation several years ago, we did so to have fun and to nurture my kids’ love for music. Because we are local to Cincinnati, we have been so fortunate to participate in several OMF projects as they pop up. Everyone at OMF is insanely talented and very giving of their time, including the extraordinary kids that come from all over the U.S. to participate. The kids (and adults) always have a blast, and the finished videos are always beautifully done. It really is an experience unlike any other, and this family honestly loves OMF!

Allyson Vinnage
Parent / Ohio

The OMF experience is priceless

What an incredible organization!  This foundation and what they do for children is like no other. From the moment we arrived it was non-stop learning about music and video production.  Our son was able to be a part of a creative environment and form long lasting friendships with like-minded youth from across the country.  The OMF experience is priceless!

Joe Hall
Parent / Tennessee

The experience he has always dreamed of

I wanna start by saying OMF is not only an amazing foundation but has personally given my child the experience he has always dreamed of. Every single individual that I came across during our first ever video shoot was beyond amazing and so unbelievably nice and helpful. My child literally had an experience he has always wanted and I cannot wait until I can allow him to have another one. I just want to say thank you to every single person who gave up their time and money to allow my child to have this experience!

Michael Dalhover
Parent / Kentucky

Most of all fun!

We just spent the weekend recording and filming with the OMF crew and some enormously talented musicians. What an experience it was. Even with Covid, the event was safe, educational, organized, and most of all fun! With the staff’s enthusiasm and persistence the young musicians who worked and prepared for their performance were able to see all that hard work result in a successful day of making music. These kids from all over the US came together to play and record in an environment that celebrated their passions. Every musician on set was polite, kind, and friendly. Every parent was involved, positive, and helpful. We got to witness our children, coming together with a group of like minded peers, who had an appreciation for one another’s talents, result in some very impressive performances.

Theresa Pellegrino
Parent / New York

Become a better, more versatile musician

OMF is a great foundation that brings in high quality talent from all over the country. We are very fortunate to have OMF so close to our home and the opportunities that it has afforded our son. Connor has performed in several videos and they have been the highlight of his musical career so far. The recordings and videos have motivated and helped him become a better, more versatile musician.

Matt Meintel
Parent / Ohio

Highly recommend

What would we do without music? And what better way to keep music alive is to get children engaged in it from a young age. That is exactly what OMF is doing. They invite kids from all over the country to come out for a weekend and collaborate on a handful songs. Kids who have never met each other before but have 1 common bond. Making music! They are very talented kids from the ages of 5 to 18, coming together to do what they love. And the staff that OMF puts together is top notch! Using high end video and audio gear, they are able to record the kids in a short amount of time and keep a very hectic schedule on time. My son has participated twice now and is looking forward to doing it again. I highly recommend it for any young musicians out there. You won’t regret it!

Jason Wehn
Parent / Pennsylvania

Gives him experience and confidence

OMF has given my son so many amazing opportunities during a time of his life when he needed to feel like he belonged to something. This program has given him experiences and confidence that will stay with him throughout his entire life. He wants to pursue music as a career and this experience will be extremely beneficial to him as he reaches adulthood, no matter what he chooses as a career path.

Abby Hanser
Parent / Ohio

Highest level of professionalism

My son Aidan has been fortunate enough to have participated in several projects with the O’Keefe Music Foundation over the last four years. Traveling from Nebraska, working in multiple studios in the Cincinnati and Nashville areas, the experience has been amazing! It has been a great place for Aidan to network with other talented musicians while gaining valuable experience in writing, recording, and performing. We are very appreciative of the hard work the staff puts into every project with the highest level of professionalism! We look forward to see what the future has to hold for OMF!

Chris Fisher
Parent / Nebraska


The day with the O’Keefe Music Foundation was awesome!  Where else can a 12 year old guitar player from Tennessee get to meet and jam with kids from so many different states?  Getting to be a part of the video productions and performing with the band has taught me a lot. I hope to have the opportunity to be a part of OMF for many years to come.

Ashton Hall
Student / Tennessee

Inspired our son

We want to thank the O’Keefe Music Foundation and all of the volunteers for providing a unique venue for our son to showcase his musical talents in a safe, family oriented atmosphere. The opportunity to work with other hard working, aspiring musicians his age on a professional recording and video has inspired our son to push himself to new levels in percussion and has taught him that hard work and many hours of practice do pay off. We feel extremely lucky to have crossed paths with the O’Keefe Music Foundation and once again are in gratitude to all of the volunteers and donors that make this remarkable organization possible.

Jeremy & Jennifer Bright
Parents / Missouri

Valued and supported

We feel so lucky to have found OMF and even luckier to live in the same city where this wonderful music school is located. When my son started guitar lessons, we had no idea the opportunities that would be available to him. Not only has he become an incredible guitarist over the past 3 years, he has been involved in some amazing recording projects which most guitar students will never get to experience. The instruction he receives is top notch and he has been shown that his efforts are valued and supported by the staff at OMF. He loves being involved in the recording projects and they push him to work even harder at improving his skills. Thank you OMF!

Melissa Donile
Parent / Ohio

Meeting musicians from all over the U.S.

Thank you OMF for giving me the opportunity to come record a song and see what it’s like to record and make a video. I could not have gone anywhere else and get this kind of experience and have this much fun. It was also nice meeting musicians from all over the U.S. I hope to be a part of it again!!!

Nick Peacock
Student / North Carolina

A great vision for future musicians!

We drove from North Dakota to Ohio for this opportunity and it was a great experience all around. It is such a positive environment for young musicians. It was amazing to watch kids come from all around who have never met and play together with such ease. OMF has a great vision for future musicians!

Tiffany Markewich
Parent / North Dakota

OMF is to be applauded

As a 51 year old music fan, what O’Keefe Music Foundation is doing for not only these amazing young musicians, but for the future of live music in general, is to be applauded.  Well done!!

John Drolet
Donor / Virginia

Can’t stop smiling!

My daughter just had the chance to be in one of OMF’s videos. She had the most incredible experience and can’t stop smiling. Thank you! 

Sally Stobbe
Parent / Ohio

Music come to life!

OMF offers kids a chance to let their love of music come to life!

Mary Ann Mazzarella
Donor / New York

Realize their potential

Thank you for helping young musicians to develop and realize their potential 🤘🎸🎶

Patrick Larsen
Donor / Nevada

Meet other kindred spirits

My son Conner had the opportunity to play in a recently filmed OMF video and he’s still high on the experience. Thank you for providing a great place for kids to pursue their dreams and passions in the music world and to meet other kindred spirits. Rock on!

Julie Meintel
Parent / Ohio

Different genres of music

As a music lover who listens to all different types of music, I really appreciate that the O’Keefe Music Foundation celebrates and promotes young artists playing different genres of music.

Jim Payne
Parent / Ohio

OMF aligns the stars!

To see the talent we have to look forward to is great, but knowing that THIS MUCH breathtaking talent is out there is astonishing.  OMF aligns the stars!

Samuel Bernie
Donor / Florida

In Awe!

I have been listening to your interpretations of songs for some years now. It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant the young artists are. I have over time come to enjoy your interpretations of songs better, sometimes a lot better, than the originals.  Thank you for the joy and pleasure you bring by your excellent work. Both the dedicated, clever young artists and the grown-ups that dedicate time and effort to creating these masterpieces.  I am in awe!

Frode Rodland
Donor / Norway

Phenomenal for our son

The OMF has been phenomenal for our son.  He has enjoyed learning how to perform in a highly professional way with a very talented staff and group of young musicians.  What a unique experience available to anyone-we are so lucky to have been involved!

Jen & Tim McConnell
Parent / Ohio

We all share the same dream

There are so many amazing people surrounding OMF, musicians, parents, volunteers. All of these people were brought together through music, and the relationships you build are so unique and fulfilling. My absolute favorite part of OMF is being around extremely talented musicians who are my age and younger and there is an instant bond that forms because we all share the same dream and we are all there following that dream together.

Kaden Karns
Student / Iowa

Unique opportunities

As an 18 year old undergraduate music student from Ohio, I’m very grateful for the unique opportunities that OMF provided to me while developing my passion for and skill in music. My piano instruction through OMF was great and obviously necessary for me to become a better musician, but the work that OMF does with the students recording is unique in many ways, and I believe that has offered me a good glimpse into what life may be like in the future as a professional musician.

Mackenzie Click
Student / Ohio

Exceeded our expectations

OMF has exceeded our expectations and has given us way more than drum lessons! As Logan says, he has learned more than just drums and feels like he is part of a band. The staff at OMF has also encouraged our daughter to participate and she is now inspired to learn to sing. In all of these great experiences, we have been surrounded by a great crew that makes it fun for kids of all ages. We are grateful for their dedication to the kids and good music! 

Tara & Steve Miller
Parents / Ohio

Confidence growing more and more

OMF has provided an enormous amount of learning and performance opportunities that my son would never receive anywhere else.  The amount of energy and time the OMF staff give to the children is remarkable.  OMF has been such a positive experience for our son.  We know that his involvement with OMF will benefit him throughout his life.  We have noticed his level of confidence growing more and more with each new experience and are excited to see what the future holds for him and OMF.  

Greg & Melissa Althammer
Parents / Ohio

Incredibly grateful

Participating in OMF gave me opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had as a kid growing up in a small town- like singing in a professional recording studio and starring in a music video with thousands of views! During the experience, the team always made sure I felt comfortable and cheered me on. I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the OMF program!

Riley Finkle

Riley Finkle
Student / Pennsylvania

A dream come true

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with OMF!!!! It’s been a dream come true for my son. The staff at OMF are exceptional and the program is taught in a fun and exciting way.  This resonates with the kids and inspires them to be motivated learners.  My son Seb can’t wait to come back to OMF and record more songs!!!!

Artie Braganza
Parent / Pennsylvania