Band Practice Gone Wrong!

Fire, destruction and a complete disregard for safety–this is how the OMF crew rolls.


Behind every O’Keefe Music Foundation video is a story about a child working to the best of their ability, persevering and deciding to choose music over the millions of other distractions in their lives. The kids in the “Duality” video spent nearly a year learning their parts, practicing with the metronome and even composing new sections. Rewarding the students for all their hard work wouldn’t have been possible without the OMF crew, volunteers and Kickstarter supporters. We look forward to helping more young musicians share their music with the world!

The Band

Vocals / Darby
Bass Guitar / Sam
Drums / Willa
Beer Keg / Lyla
Guitar / Sydney
Guitar / Simon Hall
Glockenspiel / Helena
Pot / Jake

The Crew

Director / Aaron O’Keefe
Director of Photography / Michael Potter
Errand Girl & Film Editor / Diane O’Keefe
Colorist / Kevin Shaw
Camera PA / Cody Bowling
Mixing Engineer / Jeffro Lackscheide
Mastering Engineer / Steve Nagasaki
Sound Designer / Matt Oglesby
Tracking Engineer / Morgan Asher
Executive Producer / Josh Cole
Production Manager / Katy Woodall
Location Sound Engineer / Michael Pringle
Photographer / Randy LeFebvre
Production Assistant / Jessica Smith
Production Assistant / Jason Smith

Credit Sequence / “Lateralus” by Tool (early demo by the kids)

Guitar / Nathan
Bass / Faith
Drums / Hayden

Special Thanks to Steve White and Katy Woodall